Chapter 7

The Relationship Bank Account

Short Summary

"The Relationship Bank Account" is all about how to be a good person. This chapter explains how you should keep your promises when you make them. Example, your friend says he or she needs you to be there for an important event and you cross your heart to make it. Suddenly, you remember you have to do something that requires you to not attend your friend"s event. That show that you stood them up, from their perspective.

Small Acts of Kindness and Loyalty

When you do small acts of kindness it makes you feel great about yourself and other see that they can depend on you. You become a trustworthy person! Small acts can be just going out of your way to pick a piece of trash up and put it in the trash can. Being loyal is very important as well. This chapter tells and shows examples of the consequences of being loyal and not being loyal. Loyal should be a number one priority in life because that;s what people depend on.

Listen, Apologize, and Set Expectations

Listening shows that you have patience and that your not all about blabbering. Listening to what other have to say is very important because you never know what people go through. When you do something wrong to someone you should always apologize as a sign of sincerity and that you did not mean to do harm. Or you feel guilty about doing wrong. Last but not least this chapter tells of how you should always set expectations for yourself and do your best of honoring others as well. When you do this you will know what you want for yourself and know what others want as well.

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