Should they stay or should they go?

What is the problem with immigration?

Many people are traveling to the US without visas and are staying in the country. The thing is, the population is growing and the US is quickly running out of room to sustain the citizens and the undocumented.

Why is immigration such a big deal?

Many people are arguing about this issue for many reasons. An increase in crime has occurred in the US and some people have blamed this on the undocumented. Also, some people blame the undocumented for the worsening economy. Other people don't blame the undocumented for the US' problems. This is what causes the arguing, the difference of views.

Donald Trump's plan

Donald Trump wants to deport all undocumented immigrants. He wants them to get a visa before going to the US. However, Trump wants to increase the price of all temporary visas or even cancel them. He also wants to build a wall between the US and Mexico that he will make Mexico pay for. With the wall, Trump will also increase the number of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) officers around the borders. Trump will also find cities where most of the population are undocumented immigrants and cut them off.
Donald Trump lays out three steps of his immigration policy

What the Republicans in Congress plan to do

Similar to what Trump wants to do, Republicans in Congress want to increase the amount of ICE officers, but they also want to give these officers more military weapons. They also want more fencing around the borders and increase surveillance around the borders. Arial drones will be flown around the borders two-thirds of the day seven days a week. The Republicans will also refuse to give bonuses to ICE officers who fail to meet the new expectations that would be placed.

Hilary Clinton's plan

Hilary's plan is very different from Trump's. Hilary wants to enforce immigration humanely. Meaning, Hilary would only deport the undocumented immigrants that threaten people's safety. Hilary would also end the three and ten year bars. The three and ten year bars is a policy where if you have been living in the US undocumented for a year you would be sent to prison for three years, if you have been living in the US undocumented for over a year you would be sent to prison for ten years. Hilary would also protect the families with children brought here (the DAPA and DACA programs). In Hilary's first one hundred days as president she will start comprehensive immigration reform that will treat everyone with respect and dignity.
Clinton Outlines Immigration Reform Plan

What the Democrats in Congress plan to do

Similar to Hilary's plan, the Democrats in Congress would only deport the undocumented immigrants that have a criminal record. The democrats would also allow families with children to stay in the US. Both Hilary and the Democrats would work toward comprehensive immigration reform. America is a country of immigrants and the Democrats acknowledge that fact; they want to treat all undocumented immigrants with respect.

Jill Stein's and Gary Johnson's plans

Jill Stein doesn't really have a full plan for immigration, but she believes that we need a more welcoming immigration policy and we need to support the immigrant's rights. Unlike Jill Stein, Gary Johnson has a more complete plan. Johnson doesn't want to build a wall, increase the amount of fencing around the borders, or increase the amount of border patrol officers. Johnson wants to fix the policies the US already has. He wants a more efficient way of getting undocumented immigrants working visas, he wants the immigrants to pay taxes, he wants the immigrants to show that they have been working while being in the US, and he wants more background checks done on the immigrants.

Organizations that deal with immigration

Organizations like the American Immigration Center and the US Citizenship and Immigration Services are here to help immigrants get their visas and get them on the path to become US citizens. However, organizations like the Americans for Immigration Control and The Social Contract Press are here to prevent any undocumented immigrants from getting visas and from becoming US citizens.

What I believe in

I believe that all undocumented immigrants should have the chance of becoming US citizens. I do think that the immigrants who have a criminal record and pose a threat to other people's safety should be deported, but everyone else should have a fair chance. I don't know what should be done to help fix the immigration policy, but I do know that building a wall between the US and Mexico isn't going to do any good. Building a wall will just make the immigration system more broken and make the relationship between the US and Mexico worse than it already is.