The Weekly Knot

Vol.4 Issue 7

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Hispanic Heritage Month | Channel One News
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Felegy Exploring Afrobeat Dance Class in Mt. Rainier

Teacher Week Schedule

B Week-Media Schedule

Monday, October 9th

Chorus- Serenade 1 8-8:45

Grade Level Chair Meeting, 2:20 p.m. in Pendleton's Room, BYOC

Tuesday, October 10th

Chorus- Serenade 2 8-8:45

Fifth Grade MI Testing

Wednesday, October 11th

Chorus- Catalina 1 8-8:45

Second Grade MI Testing

Faculty Study Group Meeting, 2:15-3:15, Focus: SLO in MyPPS

Thursday, October 12th

Chorus- Catalina 2 8-8:45

Third Grade- Maloy MI Testing

Friday, October 13th

The Media Connection - Library Media News from Ms. Arax

Greetings Felegy Staff! See below for helpful information:

1) Resources for Staff/Teachers:

a) Library of Congress: Hispanic Heritage Month: New and Improved Resources to Celebrate!

b) K-12 Professional Development Opportunity: Teaching with Music-Related Primary Sources:

c) Handbook of Latin American Studies:

d) NEA National Hispanic Heritage Month Lessons, Activities, Videos, etc.:

e) Hispanic Heritage Month Official .gov Site for Teachers:

f) New Releases from the Bonnie Johns Professional Library:

2) Hispanic Heritage Month: Check out our online resources such as World Book and Culture Grams to support student learning and your teaching. See below for log in instructions and let me know if you need support. Also, explore the Media Center for related book displays throughout the month.

3) Schedule:

a) Lower Grades: You can click on the Media Center website for your schedule. The Weekly Knot specifies if it is an A or B week every week. Also the phrase "A week is Pay week" is a great way to remember which week it is. Media Center Schedule Page:

b) Upper Grades: Schedule time with me for book check out by coming by the Media Center to talk or sending me any e-mail. Also, students can come in with a pass 5 at a time in the morning before 8 am to check out books but need to be responsible about bringing them back within two weeks (they can write due dates in their agendas and journals).

4) Teacher/Staff Book Check Out: Please make sure to check out books with me and do not take books from the Media Center without letting me know via e-mail with the book title and the bar code number. In order for our library to run successfully we need the circulation system to be accurate. Please note that every book being checked out in our system is a PGCPS requirement.

5) Book Drop Off: Please wait to drop off books in the Media Center when I am here until we get a working book drop. I am here Mondays, Wednesdays, and A week Fridays.

6) Media Class Protocol for Classroom Teachers: For your class time please enter the Media Center when the room is available for your class time and seat your class according to your discretion. We are looking for groups that can silently read and/or quietly work together during Library Media Class. Our focus in my class is book check out and working to get the perfect book into the hand of each student in our school.

7) Accessing our Library Media Center Online Catalog

1) Click on:

2) Pick our school by clicking links (and scrolling down): Elementary -> Edward M. Felegy Elementary

3) Log into system: Use the same user id and password as you do for

your PGCPS e-mail

4) You will see Home and Catalog Tabs

a) Home Tab: Offers Online resources, Ebooks, and Teacher Resources

b) Catalog Tab: Search for books that we have in the Media Center, see if they are available and check your account.

Any questions? E-mail me at or stop by the Media Center.