Real Americans Vote

Requirements to vote

*American citizen

*18 or older

*Been a resident of NC the county and the precinct

*Can not vote in another county state or precinct

*Have not been convicted of a felony

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Voting and voter behavior

*First you need to educate yourself before you vote so that you don't vote for a random person because there the popular candidate.

*Find your local poll and go fill out your ballot to vote.

*Some people chose not to vote either they don't have interest in voting or there not able to vote.

*Straight ticket is voting a straight republican or straight democrat ticket

*split ticket is voting for both parties some republicans some democrats

*voter fatigue is when some one gets tired of filling out there ballot once they get to the end they just start bubbling.

Voting amendments

*15th amendment All males could vote African American or white

*17th amendment Direct election for senators

*19th amendment women could vote

*23rd amendment Residents in D.C could vote

*24th amendment Removed all poll taxes

*26th amendment 18 year olds could vote

Rights to voting changed over time

1870 - 15th amendment prohibits denying a person the right to vote due to race

1920 - 19th amendment guarantees women the right to vote

1924 - congressional act native Americans given citizenship

1944- smith v allwright supreme court rules prohibiting African Americans the right to vote in primary elections is unconstitutional.

1957-civil rights act justice departments can sue to protect voting rights

1960- civil rights act penalties against anyone who obstructs individuals voting rights

1961- 23rd amendment residents of district of Columbia given right to vote

1964-24th amendment out laws poll tax

1965- voting rights act literacy testing prohibited

1970- voting rights act amendments of 1970 lowers legal voting age to 18

1971- 26th amendment lowers minimum voting age to 18

1975-voting rights act Bans literacy test and mandates bilingual ballots in certain areas

1982-votings rights act Extends provisions of two previous voting rights amendments

1992-voting rights language assistance act extends rights of bilingual ballots

1993 national voter registration act easier to register to vote

2006-voting rights act reauthorization and amendmenst act of 2006