Master Class

- Creating demand for Industrialization with a commercial -

Marketing Industrialization

You've just been pulled aside by the Capco CEO. He thinks that standard tv spots are the way to go with selling industrialization to clients, and he wants you and your team to come up with a commercial. He's giving you full creative license, but he has a few guidelines.


The CEO and the Board feel that the overarching theme of the commercial (his only restriction to your commercial) is the idea that "The time is now," the need for industrialization has come, as clients have tried, successfully or not, everything else.


  • Participation - The CEO is adamant that every person in your group has to appear once
  • Content - This is a specialized initiative, so limit the references to Capco’s inherent selling points, stick to industrialization, its benefits, and how Capco can execute on them
  • Creativity - Think outside the box, there is no rigid structure to your commercial
  • Timing - People have short attention spans, limit your commercial to a maximum of three minutes