Dante Alighieri

The poem and play writer of the Renaissance.

Dante's early years

Dante was born in 1265 and when he was 9 he met a girl who was also 9 named Beatrice. Right when he met her he knew his whole life would revolve around his love for her. When they married Dante was inspired to write his first collection of poems called La Vita Nuova (the new life). The poems were about his unseen and unacknowledged love for Beatrice. But in 1290 Beatrice died while Dante was writing a poem and it was never finished.

Dante's later years.

After Beatrice died Dante became really into politics and became a white guelf but the black guelfs took over and was exiled the next year. He was taken away from his home and family. He was very angry and put all his anger into his writing. It was called Convivio, which focused on moral issues and more people could read it because it was written in the Tuscan language and not Latin. Despite his difficulties his greatest poem came next The Divine Comedy. Dante died in 1321 and his works were remembered for a long time.

Some of Dante's works