By: Riley Notarangeli Period G


Globalization is the process/trading products with other countries while also interacting with these countries in different ways.

Transportation Map of The PS4

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Natural Resource of Japan

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Population Map of Japan

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Map Claim

The maps above show that Japan is a more developed country with more cities than rural areas. These maps also shows that Japan usually make the product there and then distributes elsewhere to other countries willing to buy the product.

Four Categories of Globalization

Economic: The PS4 creates job openings for employees so that they create the actual product. The distribution of the product allows the distributor to gain money from the consumers also.

Technological: The product shows the advancement of technology with its advanced graphics but it also allows people to talk across the world about whatever they want to talk about. The advancement of technology like huge cargo ships has increased environmental damage by polluting/destroying the environment. Example: Oil spills

Environmental: The raw materials of the PS4 can effect the environment. The PS4 contains plastic in it so the distributors have to take into account if the plastic somehow gets into the environment and how it can effect plants/animals.

Cultural: The feature of being able to talk to each other from across the world allows people to talk about what they do and some customs they perform.