News from Mrs. Drudy 12/07/2015

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What We're Learning in 6th Grade Language Arts

Morning Traffic

This week's reading focus is on the drama Morning Traffic. We will be reading and rereading this text daily as a readers theatre. In this comedy-laced drama, David and his family face one obstacle after another one morning. David’s parents have tickets to a concert, but David’s dad Gabe has lost his ticket. While David tries to learn how to play chess with his friend Joanna, a confusing mix of characters try to help Gabe find his lost ticket. David tries to impress Joanna but it’s not easy in all the confusion. Finally the flower delivery guy finds the lost ticket.

Spelling: Homophones

• Generalization:

Homophones are words that sound alike, but are spelled differently and have different meanings: heel and heal. I believe the challenge with this list won't be so much the spelling of the word as which word to use in the proper context. Don't forget the usefulness of for those students that have Internet access at home.

1. heel

2. heal

3. symbol

4. cymbal

5. herd

6. heard

7. patients

8. patience

9. capitol

10. capital

11. straight

12. strait

13. aisle

14. isle

15. stationery

16. stationary

17. sheer

18. shear

19. bread

20. bred

Challenge Words

21. martial

22. marshal

23. discreet

24. discrete

25. adolescents

26. adolescence

Notes from the Teacher

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