HIV and AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa

Jordan Reiman

Where is Sub-Saharan Africa?

Which countries aren't in the Sub-Saharan region?

The only countries in Africa that are not in it are:

  1. Western Sahara
  2. Morocco
  3. Algeria
  4. Libya
  5. Egypt
  6. Tunisia

What are HIV and AIDS?

  • HIV is a virus. It slowly destroys the body's immune system and makes it harder to handle invaders like viruses and bacteria, making it easier to get sick by destroying T-cells. T-cells are a cell that help with fighting diseases. When they get infected, they make more HIV ceIls. These T-cells help out by basically broadcasting help for other cells.
  • AIDS is a syndrome that comes in the final stages of HIV. AIDS severely damages the body's immune system.

Why is it hard to know if you have HIV/AIDS?

It can lack any symptoms at all for many years and many of its symptoms are also caused by many other illnesses. Some could even be coughs or headaches, which can even be caused by the common cold. Also, many people who are infected don't show any symptoms for 10 or more years.

Who has the greatest chance of being infected?

Women and children usually the ones mostly infected.

Surprising information:

  • More than 700 children become newly-infected each day.
  • HIV and AIDS were discovered in 1980.