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Inspired this week by Coaching!

If you've ever participated in a sport or event, you've probably worked with a coach. Coach's have a way of guiding and inspiring improvement and excellence.

Think about how this applies to Education, and we will continue this discussion at our Monday's Inservice.

Anchor Charts Tips!

The following are some helpful tips for creating and maximizing the quality and effectiveness of your anchor charts. A quality anchor chart is:

  • Relevant-Include only the most relevant/key information to keep from confusing students.
  • Clear-Make the chart as clear, neat, and organized as possible.
  • Focused-Stick to one focus per chart to avoid overwhelming students.
  • Evolving-Allow the chart to evolve throughout the course of a unit by adding information learned as the unit progresses.
  • Integral/Useful-Refer to the anchor chart frequently to model its use for students.
  • Prominent-Display the chart where in a prominent place in the classroom where all students can see it.
  • Current-Keep on display only charts that deal with what is currently being learned in order to eliminate clutter.
  • Vibrant-Make the anchor chart colorful and easily visible using dark colors.

Elementary Events this Week


Tuesday--Box Top Store




Grade Level Time Schedule

Instructional Focus Grade Level Meetings will be:

2/16 Kinder

2/17 2nd

2/17 4th

2/22 PK

2/23 1st

2/23 3rd

2/24 5th

Wonderful Websites and Web 2.0 Resources

You Might want to check out Seussville!

There's lots of great Free Resources, Games, printables and more. Get prepared for the upcoming Celebration of Read Across America Day-and Dr. Seuss's Birthday, on March 2, 2016. This site has all you need!

Guide to Open Ed

Check out this Blog Post on how teachers use OpenEd!

I am so excited about this new resource! to me anyway. I can't wait to explore all it has to offer! Where has this been all of my teaching career??? I am talking about!

I am going to be honest and up front. I just found this website this week. Since I have newly discovered this amazing site, I am only going to cover the basic basics. As I learn, I will try to post more.

What is it? boasts having the largest K-12 educational resource library. It houses links to videos, games, lesson plans, assessments, and homework assignments. Each resource item is aligned with standards such as Common Core or Next Generation Science standards and sorted by grade level and subject. Video and game resources are also sorted by effectiveness- i.e. did they actually help students learn the standard? I love this feature! ..... Click Here to continue reading

EAFK Character Trait: Friendliness

The month of February, our character trait is Friendliness.

Treat others kindly and with a smile. This lets them know how special and important they are.

Nicole Ramirez, M.Ed. Principal

I strive to be a Connected Educator that uses my online PLN to access resources, ideas, and information. I often participate in Twitter Chats, visit blogs, and follow Educators online. I believe this helps me to grow professionally, and continually learn. I hope that the Inspirations Memo can provide you with ideas, information and resources you can use. I will aspire to be the Lead Learner for our Campus, and I hope you will join me in learning.