yuan dynasty

a true story of the

this is the symbol what does it mean

yuan china was considered the most important piece of the vast mongolian empire, which stretched as far west as poland and hungry, and from russia in the north to syria inn the south. the yuan chinese emperors were also the great Khans of the mongolian empire. this this dynasty's name comes from the phrase of da zai qian yuan, meaning how large the heaven is.'' the word yuan means first or primary.

yuan dynasty birth of date

he was born in 1271 c.e. and died in 1368

daily life

social class played a big part in the daily life of china of the yuan dynasty. at the top of the class were mongols due to the fact that the emperor was mongolian. at the second level were miscellaneous foreigners, and chinese with government jobs. at the bottom of the pyramid were architects, physicians, astronomers, military engineers, merchants, poets and musicians. dinner was important time of