By: Kaityn Poynter

Physical Geography

Rwanda is just south of the equator, it is a small country but has a high population density. Even though Rwanda is near the equator, it has a cool climate. This is because Rwanda sits on a Plateau. Rwanda's landscape has volcanoes, lakes, grassy plains and river valleys.

Imperialism and the impact of Imperialism

Ethnic conflict has been a big part of life in Rwanda. Most of the population of Rwanda are Hutu, and the minority of the population was Tutsi. Before the European Colonization the two lived together with no problems. When Germany and Belgium ruled Rwanda, from late 1890's to 1962, the tension between the Hutus and Tutsis grew. This happened because the colonial governments favored the Tutsis more than the Hutus. They helped the Tutsis acquire wealth and power. The Hutus got sick of being mistreated they rebelled and caused Ethnic violence.

Ethnicity and Culture

The population in Rwanda is made up of Hutus (about 85% of the population), Tutsis (about 15% of the population), and the Twas (about less than 1% of the population). The offical languages of Rwanda are French, English, and Kinyarwanda. The most common language is Kinyarwanda. About 5% of the population is Muslim, 1/3 are Protestants, and over 1/2 are Roman Catholics.

Current Events

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, during a New Years Speech, pretended to be happy about the outcome of the Constitutional Referendum that made it so he could seek a way to serve a third term, until 2034.

Future Goals

The government of Rwanda has the overriding long term national development objective to transform Rwanda into a middle-income country by 2020.

Sports, Landmarks, and Wildlife