Bringing Wellness & Fun to 2021!

Take Aways, Highlights, Feedback & Winners

What Can We Do Better?

The Wellness Challenge and #BeWell34 is for YOU. Please let us know what you liked about this year's program, and what we can do better. Click the button below to take a short survey.
How Can We Do #BeWell34 Better?

Please share your thoughts on this year's Wellness Challenge, and ideas for future wellness programs and initiatives.

What's Important?!

Let's all say it together: SELF CARE! If you did even one thing to take care of yourself over the past month, you felt better, even if just for a moment. Whether it was a moment of peace, a second of joy, a new connection with a friend, that feeling that you did something for yourself is unmistakable -- and something you need to hold onto, beyond #BeWell34.

And if you didn't? It's not too late. Thank you Carly Spina for sharing this incredible breathing experience that you can customize -- sometime soon, or right now, give it a try.

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Some of our favorite things from #BeWell34 2021

  • Getting out of our comfort zones - new challenges and experiences rewire your brain and make it more adaptable, stronger, and healthier. So keep trying new foods, workouts, and connecting with people we haven't in a while!

  • ⬇ this picture of Brian... because it's just too good not to post again!
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Pleasant Ridge Does It Again!

Our PR friends had the highest participation throughout the challenge -- way to keep it well, PR!
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Week 4 Winners!

The final #BeWell34 winners will receive a SOUND MACHINE!

Coverall Champ!

Suzanna Kopec (Admin) is the winner of the 2021 coverall prize! She will choose her wellness swag!

  • Echo Show
  • Smart Watch
  • Nutribullet 1000 PRIME Edition Set

Thank Your Wellness Captain!

Hats off to these amazing Wellness Captains who were cheerleaders of your wellness!

  • Glen Grove: Sandra Richardson
  • Hoffman: Katie Mies
  • Henking: Molly Orman
  • Admin: Heather Hopkins
  • Westbrook: Ami Brown
  • Attea: Lori Tracz
  • Lyon: Katie Wilhelm
  • Pleasant Ridge: Sam Brottman
  • Springman: Laila Bergmann