and How to Avoid It

What is Fraud?

Fraud is intentional digital deception. Fraud could be phishing or smishing, which is using a fake email or phone number to get someone else's email or phone number. It could be retail or auction fraud, which is when you pay for something at an auction or online, and you don't receive anything. It could be an advertisement for working at home which they say will earn you money, but it actually won't. In most cases, they will ask for either important account/personal information or money.

How to Avoid Fraud

Fraud can be avoided by quite a few methods: First, do not reply to emails with your personal information. That can give the bad guys enough information to hack your accounts and steal you money. Second, look up the company that is being advertised. Look for customer reviews. If there are a large amount of good reviews, it is most likely real. Third, you can use your common sense. If something looks too good to be true, don't respond or open them.

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