Ancient "Discoveries"

War Times

Pizarro, a "great" war man, may be a fake. He may have fought off the Incas but many ask how. Is he really this great war hero. We have reason to believe he is not.

Pizarro is called a hero after defeating the Incas, but he have research that says he really didn't. This study shows that disease is really the winner of the battle! While Pizarro was fighting them disease went in and really took them down. While he took care of their Emperor the disease really won the battle and he just took credit.

Great "Discovery" of a Once Great Man

Columbus who was said to have found a new way to Asia is really fake! He told us he had found it but really he just found a way to a place called the Bahamas which still wasn't a new discovery for people were already there.So much for a great explorer.

However, despite the not discovering of anything he still brought back metals and new crops which made this country richer. So in return we will still say thanks.


De leon said to found a new area that he calls Florida. We do not have information on if he took the land or just found it but we do know that he has claimed it for Spain. However, is this man crazy? Continue reading to find out.

De Leon said he found what might be the oldest city in an area called Puerto Rico, but people say this has made him crazy. People we have interviewed said he is looking for a place called the Fountain of Youth and it is beginning to concern his fellow explorers. This place is said to grant eternal life and with youth as well, sounds too good to be true doesn't it.

Celebrity Fluff

Cortez is a god? Well after defeating the great Aztecs people are beginning to believe it. Studies say that after defeating the Aztecs he has successfully conquered what is called Mexico for Spain.

However is the great god a fraud? Much like Pizarro people are saying that disease helped in their victory. Unlike Pizarro however, Cortez didn't stop with the attacks and ended up claiming a new area for Spain until Pizarro who only got money.