Blackfeet and Cherokee

Alikes And Differences

Blackfoot Children

Carson: Boys in the Blackfoot tribe learn hunting skills at a young age.
They also play hunting games
Girls were trained in their important job as preparers of food and clothing

Cherokee Children

Cherokees: The Young boys began training for hunting early.

The boys also could earn their eagle feather by performing feats in front of tribe members. Boys and girls went fishing with their father.

Cherokee Indians

Brandon: The Cherokee language is very difficult to speak so here are some words, osiyo (pronounced oh-see-yoh)means hello, and wado (pronounced wah-doh) means thank you.
They ate crops of corn, beans, squash, and sunflowers.

They also gathered berries, nuts and fruit to eat, and they also hunted antolope and buffalo

Gavin: 1.The Cherokees lived in towns with thirty to sixty houses. of there houses they built is a oblong.They were made of logs, plastered with clay inside and out.

3.Cherokee made a bow out of wood and they shaped it like a bow.

4. They made arrows from sticks and shaped it straight and they sharpened it with rocks


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