Finance & Legalities Newsletter 3.0

AIESEC in Malaysia

Learn how to delegates!

I know that there are too many things happening in this month. What you have to do is to learn how to delegate tasks, multi-tasking and be innovative in your operations. Most importantly, do not forget your leadership role in this organisation. Becoming a finance people is not just to work on numbers and papers but learning how you can utilise finance to create more leadership impact. =D

Official Launching of Online Payment System! Phase 1.0!

Why online payment system implementation?

1. To improve workflow efficiency - faster payment collection & tracking

2. To increase compliance - proper financial data management

3. To minimise financial risk - loss of cash on hand

Which functions will be benefited from this system?

Outgoing Global Citizen/Talent/Entrepreneur Programme

Which LCs are able to use the system?

Johor Bahru, Sunway, Penang, TU, UNMC, UM, UTP, UUM, CU

Why only 9 LCs?

These are the LC who collected only one-time payment from the customers. To avoid confusion for the customer, we would not show different pricing on our system for the time being.

How the finance tracking going to be?

Discussion will be held on 23rd March combine meeting.

How to make an online payment?
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What is your MCVP FL currently focusing this week?

1. Programme Agreements Revision

2. Reimbursement

3. Financial Model Shifting Survey Output