Plateaus Mesas and Buttes rock!

Created by Jackson

What is a Plateau and how it is formed

A plateau is a flat elevated land form. A plateaus were created when the mantle was created. Plateaus are very tall. Plateaus can have lakes on top of them. The top of a plateau is very flat. Plateaus can be long. One kind of plateau is called a volcanic plateau.

Do you know about Mesas?

The mo master mesa

The Mo Master mesa is in the country of Ethiopia. People can not live at the top. Mesas are created from erosion. Mesas are found in dry areas. There is not much water to drink. They are flat and tall.

The facts about buttes.

The Coyote Butte is in the United States. There is no water. They were formed from erosion. The area around them effects crops. They are very tall swirly shaped. This is not a good spot to live. There not being any water means crops can not grow.

The Colorado Mesa

The Colorado mesa stretches 10 miles. It is in the United states. There is a lot of water.

There is to much water. It would be hard for people to live there.

the Colorado plateau

The Colorado plateau is in the United States. It stretches through Arizona and Colorado. There is a lot of water around the sides,this effects homes.How ever people can live at the top.

The Mittens Buttes

The Mittens Butte is in the United States. It is a pair of Buttes created by weathering and Deposition. The Butte can create streams. The water evects people from living there. The Buttes look like a pair of mittens.