Birdville ISD

Student Learning Objectives

Essential Question: Do you want any of your teachers to participate in the Student Learning Objectives (SLO) refinement year?


  • The student growth component will be mandatory 2017-18
  • TEA is recommending SLOs as the most meaningful option for districts
  • The refinement year is an opportunity to shape the student growth system before it becomes mandated state-wide
  • We may select as many or as few PLCs to participate. The goal will be to determine how best to implement the process in the different teaching scenarios (for example, core content PLCs, teachers who are singletons and not part of PLCs, teachers of elective subjects, etc.)
  • The SLO process is very much a Continuous Improvement process, so we have the opportunity to build it into our CI framework
  • See the video and other resources below to learn more about SLOs
Tim Regal - SLO Process Combo-NoContact 2
Tim Regal of TEA will be at the February 25 ESC 11 Instructional Leaders meeting to talk about state appraisal and SLOs.

SLO Overview

SLO Refinement Year Information

Other Useful Information

  • The student growth measure can stand as its own dimension in T-TESS and will not have to be calculated into one overall teacher evaluation score.
  • By February 29, we must inform TEA if we are participating. We do not have to have specific campuses or teachers identified at that time, but will have to make those decisions by April.
  • We do not have to participate until 2017-18. Participation in the refinement year is completely voluntary.

Please complete the form below to indicate your choice about participation in the SLO Refinement Year