Binion E-Meeting

February 22nd, 2016


Like nails on a chalkboard when students use the same words over and over again in their writing...said, like, awesome, happy, sad, and AND. The list goes on and on! How do you teach students to use synonyms for overused words?


Shout Outs!

Thank you specials teachers for working together during teachers' conference times to schedule the Science Solutions! Students really enjoyed it and learned a lot!

Thank you 5th grade for having your CBA's turned in on time!!

Upcoming Events

Monday February 22nd Red 4- Staff Meeting (Language of the Standard and Feedback from Bea Luchin observations, Mrs. Bridger TCEA)

Tuesday February 23rd Orange 5- 2-4th grade CBA Reading, 4th grade Parent STAAR Writing Night 6:00 p.m, Tech Meeting 3:45 for teachers interested in being part of the Binion Tech Table Saturday during the digital conference

Wednesday February 24th Yellow 1- World Read Aloud Day, SET 2 TELPAS Calibration

Thursday February 25th Green 2, 2-5th grade CBA Social Studies, 504's, Writing Support/NJ 4th grade

Friday-February 26th Blue 3-PLC/ART Day CBA Protocol for most recent assessments, Safety Patrol Breakfast

Number Talks are on campus in the Library! It has a DVD with videos that model how to build number sense with students.

Part II and III of Teacher Self Reports Due April 11th

Teachers just an important reminder that Part II and III of the TSR is due 2 weeks prior to the summatives and the end of the year conferences. All summatives are due earlier than last year, April 11, 2016. I know it's only February but March and April zoom by quickly! Please take some time to go ahead and submit this on Eduphoria-PDAS. The end of the school year will be here before you know it!! Thank you, Hilda

Brittany's Corner

  • Feb. 23rd - 2nd-4th READING
  • Feb. 25th - 2nd-5th S.S.
  • Mar. 2nd - 2nd-4th MATH
  • Mar. 3rd - 2nd-5th SCIENCE

*Remember, you now have two days after testing to get your results scanned in.

Testing Schedule for Feb. 23rd:

  • 4th Grade - 9:20-10:20
  • 3rd Grade - 10:25-11:25
  • 2nd Grade - 12:25-1:25

Testing schedule for Feb. 25th:

  • 5th - 8:15-9:15
  • 4th Grade - 9:20-10:20
  • 3rd Grade - 10:25-11:25
  • 2nd Grade - 12:25-1:25

*I will send an email tomorrow with small groups.

*If one of the interventionists pulls one of your students for testing and that student gets extra time, the interventionist ONLY has that one hour to test as they need to continue to pull their small groups when possible. If a student comes back and they have not finished their CBA, please allow them to complete in the classroom. I know this is not ideal, but we are hoping to get the interventionists back to their normal routine. BIG SHOUT out to them for all their help!


Don't forget World Read Aloud Day is Wednesday! SO PUMPED! I have been hearing some talk about different costumes and I cannot wait to see them all.

Also, want to reiterate, WRAD is OPTIONAL. You DO NOT have to spend all day reading aloud. :-) This is simply to bring awareness to the power of literacy.

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Jeff's Corner

Getting to Know You Mystery Person of the Week

* Born/raised, north of the Red River, but not interested in singing" Boomer Sooner"
* A Proud Moment: Winning a university scholarship
* A favorite book: Too many; but all time favorite---Oh, The places We will Go
* Favorite Hobby: Family!
* Musical Taste: Anything Country; Garth; George Straight; Reba; "I LOVE COUNTRY!"
*What you like most as a teacher: Working with kids every day. "They're funny, intelligent, and I love listening to their outlook on life. I love helping them see that they can be and do anything they want."
* Favorite Vacation Trips: Disney World-- "After all, it IS the happiest place on earth!"
* Bucket list vacation trip... Italy
* an OOPS moment... " Not here; but I came to work one day wearing two very different shoes. I didn't even realize it until a coworker pointed it out!"
* Favorite Foods: Anything Mexican---" Chips, salsa, guacamole---yum!"
* Person to have private dinner with... Jesus
* What you like most about your team..."We are honest with each other."
* Favorite movies include Grease, The Notebook, Little Mermaid

Email me your guess by noon tomorrow. The winning guesses will go in the drawing for a jeans pass!!
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