Ms. Whitley's Principles classes

Wednesday, October 8th

Class time today

Today you will being using this site to complete your assignment. I'll lead you through everything you need to do for today's class. Let's get going!


  • This year we are going to be starting an Athens chapter of the student organization called "TSA". (Technology Students Association) There are all kinds of competitive events that students can participate in and maybe even compete on a national level. I'm so excited for you all to have the opportunity to take advantage of this and show off your talent. Check out the following website and read through some of the events you could compete in. TSA Competitions.

See anything you like?

  • The list of events seems extensive and I hope you saw something you might be interested in. As you know, we have some incredible equipment and that alone could really benefit you in competition. All of the skills you learn in this class could (and do) give you the ability to truly succeed in the TSA competitions. Take the next few minutes to check out some sample competitions here...
  • Once you are done there, this page will give you more details on what it would be like to participate as a student in TSA.


After reading all that information about TSA, I want to hear back from you! Go back to the first link and find a competition that sounds interesting to you. (You MUST pick one) Open a new word document and get to typing! Answer the following questions for me in detail and using complete sentences:
  1. Which competition looks like something you might like to participate in? Why?
  2. Tell me about your idea! What will it take to make you successful?
  3. Is it something we could work on during class?

When you are done you should have, at minimum, an entire page. Make sure you save the document in your class folder on your Google Drive. If you haven't set that up yet, please have another student help you do so. I WILL take a grade on this document.