The movie

What is it about?

Earthquake is a movie from 1974. It is about a devastating earthquake that hits a city causing destruction and taking many of the citizens lives.

Where was it?

The earthquake hit Los Angeles, USA
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What is an earthquake?

An earthquake is a natural disaster caused by the tectonic plates under the earths crust sliding against each other. This makes the ground shake and often destroys buildings and structures. Earthquakes can be measured by the Richter scale. They are measured by the size of the shock wave or the amount of energy that is produced from the earthquake. A small earthquake would not have a big effect and normally would not cause damage. A big earthquake can bring buildings and structures down, threatening lives of people and animals.
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Was the movie accurate?

The movie had many accurate portrayals showing the consequences of an earthquake. The movie had shown buildings destroyed, highways crumbling and fires starting. These are all things that could happen in an earthquake. However, if an earthquake was strong enough to destroy the buildings, it must have been strong enough to leave cracks in the earth. In the movie, there are only destroyed buildings and fire but no cracks in the ground. Below, there is a picture of a scene in the movie after an earthquake had happened. The bottom one is a picture of a real life earthquake.
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My conclusion is that the movie was really accurate compared to a real earthquake. It showed a lot of the effects an earthquake brings and there were no obvious mistakes in the movie. I would give this movie 6/10 for how realistic it is. It could have been better if some of the buildings fell in one piece instead of crumbling.