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Havelock North Primary School - 7th June 2022

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Kia ora koutou,

A special welcome to new students Pablo, Haylyn, Caleb and Joshua. Well done on making such a positive start to your new school.

Teacher Only Day

Thank you for your support last Friday for the Teacher Only day which saw teachers from our local schools come together for a day of learning. Aside from the obvious learning benefits, it was also an opportunity for the staff to connect and reconnect, which will only benefit our learners moving forward. In a few weeks' time, HNP will host an after-school staff meeting around writing moderation which will see staff from the five schools come together to grade writing samples.

The Week Ahead

As well as the usual nuts and bolts, this week has some interesting opportunities for some Year groups. Footnote Dance is here for three days working with Year 3 & 4 students and senior dance groups. I'm sure they will enjoy this opportunity.

On Friday all Year 6 students will attend the GRIP leadership conference at the Peak Vision church https://gripleadership.co.nz/. We wish these students all the very best for what I'm sure will be a day of powerful messages.

Have a great week everyone.

Ngā mihi

Nick Reed


Teacher Aide Opportunity

We are looking for someone to join our team as a Learning Coach (Teacher Aide). We are seeking expressions of interest at this stage. If you are interested please email Greg on gbain@hnps.school.nz.

Nga mihi,

Greg Bain

Home and School News

Blast in the Park 2022 needs your help!

It is the Blast in the Park 17th year and we need volunteers to ensure we have another successful year.

This event is now engrained in our communities calendar and is an important fundraiser for HNPS. We are seeking commitment of volunteers to help pull this great event together, so have a think if this would interest you, talk to other friends at the school that would be keen and also talk to any other people that have a connection or passion for the Havelock North Primary School community. If you are interested or would like to discuss further please contact Steve Gregory by this Friday 10th June.

It is important to note if we don’t have enough volunteer support this event will not be able to go ahead for 2022.


027 549 9179


Steve Gregory

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Enviro Corner - Term 2 Week 6

The Australasian bittern is our endangered animal of the week.

Australasian bitterns are large birds in the heron family that live in wetlands in New Zealand and Australia. They are really good at hiding and have a loud booming call. Because no one ever saw them, Australians used to hear their call and thought it was a terrifying swamp monster they called the Bunyip.

Now they are critically endangered, with less than 900 birds left in NZ. This is mostly because 90% of our wetlands have been drained in the last 100 years to make farms and homes for people. Humans have destroyed the Bitterns' homes.

Predators and climate change are also big problems for these amazing birds.

Hawkes Bay used to have a large population of Bitterns. By learning about these birds and supporting the Department of Conservation we can increase Bittern numbers in Hawkes Bay.

Here is a quote from David Attenborough:

“It’s surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth”.

Make our Birds Count

We need you to help make a difference

Healthy bird populations can indicate that the environment is healthy. We know lots about endangered native birds in the bush, but we don’t always know what’s happening in the populations of all the birds around us, particularly in urban and garden environments.

That’s why we need you to help us count them.

What we learn from information about the birds in your garden collected by you and your fellow citizen scientists helps our researchers make decisions to protect our environment. It also tells us if what we are doing in areas such as predator control is working.

Garden Bird Survey

New School App

Please contact Kerin on admin@hnps.school.nz if you are having trouble with the app.
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Sports at Havelock North Primary School

A HUGE thank you to those that have volunteered their time this term to coach and/or manage. It is much appreciated and our team sport couldn't happen without people like you.

If you have any queries, sports news or photos please email Erica Cranswick at sport@hnps.school.nz

Mr Rhys Harman - our famous Surf Life Saver!

Mr Harman thought he would get away with receiving all these awards without telling us, but luckily we've got spies everywhere. A big congratulations Rhys, looks like you are as good at Surf Life Saving as you are in the classroom!

Rhys Harman was the recipient of the following three awards:

  • The Regional Service Award
  • Outstanding Contribution to Power Craft
  • Coach of the year

S - Sportsmanship T - Teamwork A - Attitude C - Coachability

The coach and/or manager gets to choose one or two awardees for each game. They then email the players names to me and their names are published in the Tuesday Times, AND they go into the draw to win a Kmart voucher at the end of the term!

Tough Guy & Gal - last Thursday

Bizzy Bodz After School Care Programme at HNPS

Find out more about Bizzy Bodz before and after school care programme.

If your child is absent and not going to be attending Bizzy Bodz on a particular day please communicate by phoning us on 06 825 6088, or emailing Grace admin@bizzybodz.co.nz. Or you can text the programme directly if it is after 2 pm on 021 837 795.

Out and About

Term Dates 2022

2022 Term Dates

Term 2 2 May - Friday 8 July

Term 3 25th July - 30th September

Term 4 17th October - 14th December

2022 Teacher Only Day

Friday 3rd June

Up Coming Events


17th - School Photos

24th - Matariki Holiday


8th - Last day of Term 2