How to download apps, play and learn with OSMO!


Remember all the fun you had playing with the Osmo kits before Christmas!?!?! Hopefully, you have had plenty of time to think about how you might use one in your classroom. There are multiple ways to reach every student's needs with all this game set has to offer. The best part is kids will learn and have fun at the same time!

First Come, First Serve!

We only have six Osmo kits at this time. Three of the kits are Genius Kits, which do have the game, Numbers, included. The other three kits are Starter Kits, they are equipped all of the games, except Numbers. Due to the limited number of kits, please fill out the Google form below so that we know who is interested in completing this badge challenge. Please complete the badge tasks within two weeks and return the kit so the next person on the list will get to play!

Downloading Apps

There are five apps to download to be able to play the games with Osmo: Tangrams, Newton, Words, Masterpiece and Numbers. You may download them ahead of time through the App Store or the tutorial will prompt you to do so when going through the steps below.

Tips for play with Osmo

  • You must remove any cases from the iPad to able to place in the Osmo base.
  • Make sure there is ample work space on a sturdy surface.
  • Be cautious to not misplace any letter and number tiles.


Through your myOsmo account you will be able to...

  • Download and create word albums
  • Save and share Masterpiece drawings
  • Engage with other Osmo members through Forums
  • Manage profiles and track student progress
  • DASHBOARD is available here-which is a piece of what you will need to complete this badge!

Step 4-Tangram


Tangrams are the timeless math manipulatives that we have used when studying shapes and geometry. WIth Osmo, tangrams become fun again. There are over 500 puzzles to practice spacial and visual learning. The puzzles become harder as each one is completed!

How to Play Tangram for Osmo

Step 5-Words


Play solo or with friends, in this game you try to guess the word that matches the picture by laying the letters tiles in front of the iPad. There are over 150 puzzles, but more can be downloaded or you can create your own! Word work anyone?

How to Play Words for Osmo

Step-6 Newton


By using objects on hand or drawing with a blue marker, you try to get the ball to bounce off to hit a target. With over 60 levels of fun, the challenges get harder as you get smarter!

How to Play Newton for Osmo

Step 7-Masterpiece


Have you always wanted to be an amazing artist? Well, here is your chance! With this app you can choose among one of the many drawings in their database or take a picture of anything and Masterpiece will help you draw it. Think connect the dots, without the numbers or the dots!

How to play Osmo Masterpiece

Step 8-Numbers


Math has never been so fun! Take the number and dot tiles to create the number of bubble you would like to burst to help get to the next level. You apply adding, subtracting, and multiplication in the different modes to become more confident in math skills.

How to play Osmo Numbers

The best resource is the Teacher's Guide to Osmo! This where you will learn specific ways to use Osmo in your classroom. Grade Level lesson plans are included!

Badge Evidence

After reading, watching and following all the above steps there are two things that you will need to do to provide evidence that you have completed this badge challenge.

  1. Take a screenshot of your dashboard on your myOsmo account after you have had students play with Osmo. (See picture to the left).
  2. Take this quiz!
  3. Finally return your Osmo kit to the media center so that the next staff member will have a chance to complete this challenge!