Child Abuse

Inspired by Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass

Activists background:

  • Frederick Douglass was born into slavery in Maryland USA
  • His owners wife taught him to read and write
Problems the activists faced:

  • Faced slavery and racism
  • Ran away to gain his freedom
  • People wouldn't work with him because he was black so he lost a lot of jobs
  • Changed his two middle names to help avoid capture
  • Thrown off of trains for sitting in white seats
  • Fear of recapture
Convictions about the problem:

  • He believed that all people are created equal
  • Blacks have rights
  • Slavery and segregation is wrong and it needs to end


  • Started writing a newspaper called 'The North Star'
  • Spoke out at anti-slavery conventions
  • Published an autobiography
  • Traveled to England to speak out about slavery
  • Spoke with the president (Abraham Lincoln) about these issues

Frederick Douglass didn't let anything stop him

What are the problems with Child Abuse?

  • There are different forms of child abuse
  • They can cause extreme harm to the child both physically and mentally
  • There is Sexual Abuse:
  • Rape, Sodomy, Inappropriate touching, Commercial Exploitation (Prostitution or Pornographic material)
  • There is also Neglect:
  • Failure to provide basic essentials for a child
  • Food, Education, Clothes, Drinks, etc
  • Physical Abuse:
  • punching, kicking, burning, shaking
  • Anything to physically harm a child
  • Emotional Abuse:
  • Yelling at them, calling them names, saying rude and upsetting things
  • Can cause mental disorder
  • 903,000 kids in the US have experienced or were at risk for child abuse
  • 59% of child maltreatment victims suffered from neglect
  • 19% were physically abused
  • 10% were sexually abused
  • and 7% were emotionally or psychologically abused
  • 1,300 kids die a year from maltreatment
  • And Infants are at greatest risk of homicide during the first week of infancy, with the first day of life being the highest.
  • Mainly from Baby-Shaken Syndrome

Convictions and Movements


  • Need tighter laws surrounding child abuse
  • Speak up
  • Silence could be fatal
  • Should be tighter repercussions for those convicted of child abuse
  • Try to talk to the kids
  • Who ever know about what happened and they don't speak up should be arrested

  • Make people aware
  • Speak to local law enforcement to see if we can get stricter laws
  • If kids are home schooled have someone from CPS come out and check to see if they have a good education
  • Educate people on the hidden signs of child abuse
  • Make a neighborhood chat if anything seems suspicious