Ms. Ryan's Report

Here's What's Happening in My Classes...

Language Arts

Feb 8 -

Last week ,we finished our infographics on one of 4 social issues (fast food, school lunches, endangered animals or recycling) using Power Point. At this point the saved projects can only be accessed at school instead of through BCPSOne. However I can assure you that that are impressive.

Currently we have begun a new unit with a focus around poetry. Students are identifying the difference between narrative and free verse poems while making comparisons between two selections. After a bit of research on Vietnamese culture, students will be reading an award winning novel called Inside Out and Back Again. This semi-autobiographical piece is written entirely in a series of free verse poems telling the struggles of a girl growing up in Vietnam during the war and then having to move to America.

Inside Out & Back Again Book Trailer


Feb 8 - Our in class lessons on the scientific method are about wrapped up, our at home projects are just heating up. Please keep checking the calendar of events to see where your child should be each week. I will also send reminder weekly emails with tips for success.

We will also begin a new science unit on space called "Taking a Closer Look at Space". We will begin to explore the basic parts of our solar system while we identify things such as why there is day/night, phases of the moon, and why there are seasons. Each child will receive a student data booklet for most classwork activities.