Dallas Mavericks

By: Halee Blanton

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Who are the Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks are a basketball team from Dallas. This team started off rough, and has had many different coaches. One of their top players is named Dirk Nowitski. Most of the team hopes to get out of the mess they were in and go and win the championship one day. Their coaches are very excited and ready to go out and win. One season a coach returned and said "Come on team let's go!"
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Dirk Nowitski

Want some cool facts!

To start off Dallas is a large city in Texas and it's nickname is " The Big D!" In one of the big playoff games crowds cheered as Dallas beat Miami Heat. But sadly after that, Dallas came back and lost 4 games in a row. Dallas was going against the Chicago Bulls and were winning with a score of 17 to 2. One coach on the Chicago side forced the team to go over time, but at the end they still won with a score of 104 to 97.