Canada and U.S relationships

By: Katherine O'Neal

What's the difference between Canada and the Us?

Some differences that define the Us and Canada as significantly different countries, The us populations is slightly larger than Canada's. The population Density of the Us is denser than Canada's. The Ethnic Groups are slightly different too, Canada 75% white and European citizens where as the Us has 74% white citizens. The United States has 50 states where Canada has 10 provenances.

Economical Relationships

The United States and Canada share the world's largest and most comprehensive trading relationship, which supports millions of jobs in each country. Canada and the U.S. have one of the largest investment relationships. The United States is Canada's largest foreign investor, and Canada is the third-largest investor for the United States. Both countries share investments in chemicals, machinery, mining, smelting industries, petrolatum, and finance.

Social relationships

Most social differences between the country revolves around small things. For example, While Canada's official languages are English and French, the United states has no official language. There are very few differences between the two countries do to the fact that both countries share similar interest. In Canada people use the word "eh" a lot as slang where as the united states has multiple words that are considered to be slang.

Political relationships

The Types of government is very different between the two countries, one difference is the U.S has two political parties where as Canada has five. The U.S. has a president while Canada has a prime minister. As far as government goes, the U.S's government is considered a federal presidential constitutional republic, where as Canada's government is considered a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy.
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