By: Nadia Nackers


Mocking is a very good book filled with emotion. When Caitlin’s brother Devon dies it is very hard for her to understand because she has Asperger's syndrome. Devon also helped her a lot so when he dies she turn to textbooks and dictionaries.Caitlin don't understand that Devon is gone and so many people want Caitlin to find closure.Also she learns that she isn't the only one who need to find closure. Almost everyone needs to find closure.

Character vs. Society

The book Mockingbird is a character vs. society book because everyone wants Caitlin to find closure.She looks it up in her dictionary and finds out that it is something she needs to find. When she does find it she isn't the only one that finds closure the same way she does.

Caitlin also leans that she isn't the only one who needs to find closure.


The book Mockingbird falls under ACCEPTING OTHERS DIFFERENCES because Caitlin has apergers and no one wants to be her friend.When Caitlin finds a friend Michael who is in 1st grade. But Michael becomes friends with someone Caitlin thinks is evil.Caitlin thinks that that person is going to hurt Michael. But in the end they don't. Also in the book the gym teacher makes a very rude comment and says "Why do I get all the autistic kids?" Only because William H. has autism and Caitlin doesn't want to put on a vest type thing basically saying she has autism and she doesn't!

The book also falls under OVERCOMING CHALLENGES because it is a very big challenge to overcome when Devon dies. Caitlin doesn't understand that Devon is gone and struggles to find closure. Caitlin's dad struggles to get over the fact that Devon is gone for good and every time Caitlin mentions Devon her dad makes an unexcused that he has to do something so that he doesn't have to cry in front of Caitlin.

? Questions

Why did Mrs. Brook bring Caitlin outside for the 1st grade recess to make friends?

I think it's because making friends with kids that are younger than you is easier than making friend that are your age. It's also easier to understand kids that are younger than you.

Why does Caitlin's dad always get emotional when Caitlin brings up Devon?

I think it's because he was very close to Devon and it was very hard on THE DAY THERE LIFE FELL APART.

Why did the author make Josh's cousin the one who shot Devon?

I think that it's because it would make the book more interesting and Josh thought that everyone was blaming him for the death of Devon but they weren't.