Feline Feeder

"Feed Your Feline Fast"


My problem is that my cats are always hungry and that it takes me too long to feed them. Between 30-37% of people in america have cats , meaning ~74-96 million cats are owned in the United States.Lots of cats around America are hungry. That is why I am making Feline Feeder

Why Did I Choose Feline Feeder?

Feline Feeder would solve the problem best for a few reasons...
First it is the best because it saves you time which comes in handy.Also Feline Feeder is the best design because it is inexpensive so you don't have to spend money on a dispenser that may not work.Finally this is the best idea because many people feed their cat "all they can eat" so this dispenser will work for them.

About Feline Feeder

Feline Feeder would be and open feeder which means in would always have food in it. How do you do this?You might ask.Actually it is quite simple you would basically have a bottle filled with food with a bowl at the bottom.As the cat ate food more food would come down. You might say “ Then wouldn't the cat never stop eating?”.Well, cats are not like dogs they don’t keep on eating, usually. Cats take their time and eat slower.

-Annika S.