Tiger Family Newsletter Nov. 2021

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May It Be of Benefit

Hello Families,

Conference Week is coming! Please see my note below about school holidays in November and take note that the week of 11/15-19 is Trimester 1 Conference Week. This is a very important time for you to connect with your child(ren)'s teacher(s). If you have been a Shasta Meadows Tiger for years, you have heard my telephone messages and/or read my newsletter pleas about attending conferences. I know that as a parent, I sometimes avoided conferences (no news is good news, right?) and even dreaded them (what will they say about my child?). Once, I was surprised at my son's 5th-grade conference to find out that he had not turned in a reading log ALL YEAR and was failing reading! Now, this boy could read. He read nightly and devoured books, big books, like Harry Potter books! Imagine my surprise!! Anyway, I digress. My point is that I believe many families worry that conferences may be a time of bad news or on the opposite side, may feel they are a waste of time.

The truth is likely neither of those extremes. Education is, as they say, a 3-legged stool. Without your support and input, we will topple over...or if nothing else, we won't be as strong as we could be. Please respond to your child's teacher's invitation to connect. They want to share what is lovely and clever about your child as well as what goals they will be working toward. It's very helpful to know where students are NOW in relation to where they are expected to be now and by the end of the year. Most conferences this year are planned to be by telephone or Meet link due to health and safety issues. If you have a special request to meet in person, teachers may be able to meet you outside or make other accommodations. Let us know what works for you.

We are in this together, and we are looking forward to connecting with you.

With gratitude,

Mrs. Gold

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Riffle Raffle Winners

Thank you so much to everyone who bought and/or sold Riffle Raffle Tickets. All in all, our kids raised $2,255! Our top sellers were:

  1. Charlie Rodrigues who won an Oasis Fun Center gift card
  2. Emmy Rogerson who won a gift card for Family Bowling
  3. Mariah Saechao who won a gift certificate to a fast-food restaurant

Thank you to our PTO for supplying the prizes!! If you want to see who the raffle winners are, you can click THIS LINK.
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We ARE planning to have a yearbook this year, but we do not have ordering details at this time. Please stay tuned and we will be sharing the ordering details soon!

PTO Meeting

You are invited to our monthly PTO meeting on Tuesday, November 9th at 6:30