Internet Hostility

Taylor, Sydney, Oscar, Nikko, Jack

Watch What You Post #WWYP

Info: Our issue is internet hostility. After some investigation we found out the root cause is people not knowing the consequences. Over half of students have been cyber bullied. Some younger kids (1/3) say hostility makes their time miserable. The issue affects kids and adults. 50% of cyberbullies do it because of the anonymity. As a group our goal is to create a PSA that tells tween's about the consequences of online hostility. We will use the #WWYP. By creating awareness people will know the consequences to what they post. They will be more civil online. To help solve this issue, people can spread the word using #WWYP. WWYP stands for Watch What You Post.
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What We Learned

Taylor: In camp this week I learned how to advocate for myself and others by including myself in community projects and spreading awareness.

Sydney: Throughout camp I've learned things like what advocacy is. Plus I've learned about different programs for things like homelessness or online safety.

Nikko: I learned that helping your community can put smiles on everyone's faces.

Jack: I've learned that there is more than one way to be a good citizen.

Take Action

Personal: You can take action by spreading the word about our cause.

State/National: You can take action by using the #WWYP

Other: You can take action by teaching anyone to know what not to say, and forgive anyone who accidentally said anything bad. Also tell them how to avoid saying anything bad again.

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About Us

Our group is called The Civil 6. We chose to focus on internet safety because as teenagers ourselves we see a lot of hostility online. We think it is important to educate those that are unaware of the consequences. We all bonded over our favorite color BLUE.