D.A.R.E. Drugs,Drinking & Bullying

---------by Landon Swafford----------


Drugs are bad for you no matter what.When people take drugs,they most likely have made a horrible mistake.But drugs are not the solution to that.You will/might get illness, kidney and liver damage, brain and heart problems, or even death. You don’t want to do drugs, you might want to get someone who will talk to you about what you did.

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When people drink,it’s most likely because they’ve lost something valuable and/or lost a competition. But they can do better than that. When people drink it takes apart their life and might take someone else’s life.And also when someone drinks they lose a lot of brain cells,so they get headaches more often.If you drink it’s risky, because if they drink too much, they’re not in control,the ingredients are. That could be bad,because if they drive they don’t know what they’re doing,and might crash.So don’t be that person.
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When people bully it can be bad.The victim might start bullying other people and the cycle might go on.Bullying can cause,depression or suicide thoughts.If they focus on bullying too much, they might not care about grades and live on the streets.Also when they bully someone tells other people and when they grow up and keep “bullying’’ they might go to prison.So I’m asking you something, are you going to risk being a bully?

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Risk-When you take your chances.

depression-when you feel really sad.

brain cells- it helps your brain work.

suicide-tempting to kill yourself

solution-the answer to the problem.

illness-when you become sick.