A Christmas Home

Greg Kincaid by: Grace Ornelas PERIOD 3-5 BLOCK 2

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Book Review:

I recommend this book , A Christmas Home , because it was a very special, adventerous, and inspiring book. This novel was about a very special bond between a dog and a man named Todd. I loved how this book was written, so well that it made me feel like i was a part of the story. This story has so many really good details that I pictured what they were talking about right away. From a 1-10 rating on this book I would give it a 9 because this book was very inspiring and very creative. I loved the way it made me feel like i was a part of the story. Even though it is called A Christmas Home this essay is a good read for any time of the year. I hope you choose to read this book and enjoy it as much as I did!


Even in difficult situations , the bond between a human and their dog can overcome almost anything. Dogs can help you realize your strengths , even when others see your weaknesses. This is true in the book because Todd has disabilities, but Christmas helps him have the strength to find the leftover dogs homes when they have to shutdown the shelter.


There are many settings in this story, but the main setting is at the animal shelter. The animal shelter is where Todd and Laura work. Todd works at the shelter training dogs and trying to find them a new home. Laura works at the animal shelter as an assistant helper for Todd since he has disabilities. Laura and Todd love working at the shelter together and they have a special bond growing between the two of them. They have became very good friends and always help each other especially around at the shelter.

The setting is Present.

Conflict And Plot:

The conflict in this story is that the animal shelter that Todd and Laura love working at is shutting down. Todd loves this animal shelter and doesn't want them to have to shut down. Todd has learned many new, and incredible things working at the animal shelter with Laura. Todd cares so much about the animals,so if the shelter ever shuts down he will have a fear of what will happen to the animals.

This is a MAN vs MAN conflict.

Main Characters

The main characters in this novel are Todd, Laura, and Christmas.

*Christmas is a very amazing and special dog. She is Todd's special helper that helps him complete a lot of his task. Christmas is Todd's helper dog she is a golden retriever that helps him walk around without injuring himself and helps him by getting things he needs for him.

*Todd is a special needs man who has a very special bond with a lot of the dogs in the animal shelter, and even a bond with Laura. Todd has a golden retriever dog named Christmas that helps him get around a lot of places that he needs to go. Todd trains most of the dogs at the shelter and loves working with them because working with dogs is the best thing that has hapend to him.

*Laura is a very polite and helpful lady that also helps Todd with a lot of things. Laura and Todd also have a special bond that is growing stronger and stronger every time they hangout together. she helps Todd with a lot of his problems and tries to always keep him pretty calm.