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We have 4/11 certificated staff who have taken the Panorama Survey. Please complete that by Friday. You should have received a link in your email.

To think about:

So, it's United Way time of year. Do we have any ideas for what we would like to do?



Voc. Rehab: 8:30-11:00

Music Therapy

LA Staff Recognized at the BOE Meeting 6:50-7:15 at DAC. Please try to come!


1:00 District Walkthrough


AM: Principals' Meeting


Early Release: PD Benefits Meeting at 1:00

Upcoming Dates:

10/21: P/T Conferences 3:00-7:00

10/22: P/T Conferences 3:00-7:00

10/24: Early Release: Teacher PD

10/25: No School

Executive Functioning: Time Management Self-Talk

Tips to Help Time Management:

Write down your daily plans

Estimate how long a task will take--and check to see if you were right

Break work into short time segments (Pomodoro is an app that helps you do that)


How much time do I have?

Am I on track?

What I need to do comes before what I want to do.

Honestly, how long will it really take?

Each day is like a shot clock in a game. How many shots will you get in today?

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Week of October 21 SEL Lesson

Lesson 9: Breathing Your Way to Self-Control

  1. Circle: An important skill is the ability to calm down when feeling upset. This also means shutting off the flow of the - self talk. Share examples of things you do to calm down.

  2. Skill Introduction: Self-control is an essential skill. Self-calming is an aspect of self-control. When is it important to control strong feelings? How do you define self-control (ability to manage our feelings and impulses, even in stressful and challenging situations). Recall a time when you lost control. Was the outcome + or -? One benefit of self-control is that it typically helps us achieve our goals and objectives. How do you increase self-control?

    1. Breathing techniques. Why does breathing help? Strong feelings release the stress hormone, cortisol, which tightens our muscles and restricts our breathing. This causes us to take short, shallow breaths which stimulates the body to produce more cortisol and can intensify the feelings we are having. These feelings make maintaining self-control more difficult. Focused breathing can slow cortisol production and help us maintain self-control.

Need Some Tech for a Student to Use? Check this out!

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