Proper Phrases

Grace Villacorta

Noun Phrases

First of all, we need to know what a noun is. A noun is a person,place,thing, or idea. A phrase is a group of words put together. Then the rest is pretty self-explanatory. So, a noun phrase is a phrase containing a noun. Ex: Stacy was drawing. The noun is Stacy because "Stacy" is a name. Therefore, that is a noun Phrase

Verb Phrase

A verb is an action word. An example is: Running. A verb Phrase is like the noun phrase, It is a phrase that has a verb in it. Ex: Josh was jumping on the trampoline. The verb is jumping because that is the action word.


What is an article? the English Language contains many categories of words/phrases. But the article, is a linking word that connects the noun and the verb. Ex: Cassie was waiting. The article is "was" because it connected the noun and verb.

Why is "I" a pronoun?

"I" is a pronoun because it replaces the noun with it. Example: Stacy and Evan got to gather the ingredients, but I got to mix them.