The Right way to sleep....


Reflect- Regret- Accept

This is your time to reflect on the day. Admit to the sins that you've committed, accept it, and think of ways to improve for tomorrow. Think about those who've wronged you, and FORGIVE THEM. Make sure to say three times: "I forgive anyone who has pained me." You do this because you want to gain a strong connection to Hashem.

קריאת שמע על המיטה

Always say קריאת שמע before you go to sleep. The two components of this are 1. שמע and 2. המפיל. After you say המפיל, you cannot talk, eat, or drink. You should also read the 1st paragraph of שמע, hamapil, רבונו של עולם.

Other Tefilot of preference

Shema, the bracha of HaMapil, Rabono Shel Olam, and Hashkivanu.
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How to get into your PJs

Make sure to take off the left side before the right.

Preferred position for sleeping

It is best to sleep on your left side first, and then your right. Try your hardest to sleep on your side.

Made by Jane Shevkin