Colonial Occupations

Social Studies: The Beginning of Indianapolis

Understanding Colonial Occupations

You will research a colonial occupation that you would of liked to have had if you lived during that time period.


You will have one class period to research one occupation from any of the links below. An organizer will be provided for your note taking.

Your Tasks

A Research

1. Research the colonial occupation. Find out what you do.

2. Why is your job important during the beginning of Indianapolis?

3. Is this job still done today? Explain.

4. How does this occupation connect to other occupations?

B. Type up a paragraph about your occupation on google docs. Share with Mrs. Driskell.


You will advertise your occupation to the class in a short presentation so that they understand why the occupation was important during the beginning of Indianapolis.

Choose any method:

  • Act it out (live)
  • Billboard (Drawn out on a 8 1/2 x 17 paper)
  • Short 4 slide show (Using google slides)
  • Short video commercial
  • Jingle (short song that describes the profession)
  • Any idea you have checked by Mrs. Driskell


1. Class must understand what the occupation does.

2. Class must understand why it is important to the city and people

3. The paragraph must also include these elements:

Name of profession with at least 3 interesting facts

Explanation of why it is important to the city.

Connection to other colonial occupations

This document should be completed neatly and contain no spelling errors.

Students may not read their paragraph, but may use notecards.