Miss Foster's Fabulous First Grade

April 2017

Dear Parents,

Happy Spring! It's hard to believe we are already into the 4th quarter and first grade will be coming to a close in a few short weeks. Here is what we have been working on and will continue to work on as we get ready for 2nd grade!

We are honing in on some of our research skills as we try to find important information in both fiction and nonfiction books and giving evidence to back up our ideas about what is important. We are working on the comprehension skills of analyzing, critiquing and evaluating and determining importance. We are also working on building our reading fluency during small group reading time by noticing different types of punctuation (commas, question marks and exclamation points), learning what they mean, and applying them to our reading when reading aloud.

This is an exciting quarter in writing for our fabulous first graders! We are just finishing up how-to writing. Next, the students will be self-selecting an animal to research and write an "All About" book on their animal. We will work hard during reading and writing to learn about all of the pieces of a nonfiction book. This will help the children attack some of the books they use to research their animals and will help them better understand some of the elements they will include in their own writing. We will also be doing some guided research on the laptops using websites like National Geographic Kids, Ducksters.com, and A-Z Animals.

We have been working a lot with groups of tens. We are practicing breaking numbers in the teens into two parts and noticing that 13 is the same as 10+3. We have also been working on equivalent number sentences such as 7+8=10+5. Breaking numbers up like this will help the students grasp the concept of place value, which we are just beginning to work on.

Next, we will be moving into adding and subtracting two digit numbers. We will begin this challenging concept by adding and subtracting 10 from a larger number and move towards more challenging problems.

Science and Social Studies:

We will briefly discuss Earth Day and ways we can help the planet on a daily basis as it approaches after Spring Break. We are also learning about living and nonliving things throughout the 4th quarter during science. When we return from Spring Break we will be planting different types of seeds including sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, kidney beans and pea seeds. We will learn how to take care of our plants as they begin to grow in the coming weeks. We will also be building both terrariums and aquariums and learning about the plants that live in different environments to help sustain the animals that live there. In a few weeks we will get some "class pets" that will live in the environments we have created.

Tech Time

Video of the Month

Learn Addition and Subtraction Fact Families Song

Mark Your Calendars!

April 11th - Early Dismissal/No Place for Hate T-Shirt order forms due

April 12-17th - School Closed for Spring Break

April 18th - Book Orders Due! April book orders all went home with a free book coupon for each student, so don't forget to place your orders!

April 20th - Arts Festival 4-9pm. Come to school to see some wonderful music performances and to see all of the art work created by our students!

May 9th - No Place for Hate Day. If your child has a No Place for Hate shirt, he or she should wear it to school. If not, your child can wear yellow and black.

May 12th - Race for Education (raid date May 26th). We will be outside participating in this fun walk-a-thon for a great deal of our morning. Please send your child to school in comfortable clothes and sneakers. You should apply sunscreen before sending your child to school. Please have your child wear the shirt provided by the PTCA. It should be coming home soon.

May 25th - Field Trip to the Lehigh Valley Zoo. Please make sure your child has comfortable walking shoes for this day. I will send more information home about this day closer to the date. If you were chosen to be a chaperone, please make sure you send in your payment of $16.90 as soon as possible if you haven't done so already!

May 29th - Memorial Day/No School

June 1st-6th -
Early Dismissal at 12:30

June 6th - Last Day of First Grade

Contact Miss Foster

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