Middle School News: February 2020

From the Desk of Mrs. Brockmon

Communicating with your Middle School Child

We are starting our third week into the 2nd Semester and 3rd marking period. Please discuss school, classes, teachers and friends with your child. It is understood that most children at this age aren't forthcoming with information about their lives, but they really will open up when persistent about asking them.

Click on the button below to read an article published in the Washington Post on August 20, 2019 written by Phyllis Fagell. There are 8 tips written on communicating with your middle school child.

I hope you find the article interesting and helpful.

Mrs. Chris Brockmon


Social and emotional learning for your child and great tips for you!

Sign up for Bentley 360 and get tips and strategies to help your child be more successful in school. Your child is learning life skills in school and now you can support your child at home using the website or app on any device. I am confident that some great discussions with your child will come out of exploring the site together.

Just click on the button below "Bentley 360" and sign up - the school code is: bentley

Science Teacher

As you may know, Jessica Harley, the middle school Science teacher has taken a position at another school. We have posted the Science position and in the meantime, Ms. Mitchell, a regular guest teacher in our building, has agreed to cover Mrs. Harley’s classes, until the position is filled. I will be developing the lessons for the classes and working with Ms. Mitchell in the presentation of these lessons.

Please contact me with any questions you may have and thank you in advance for your patience as we work to fill the position with a qualified Science teacher.

Chris Brockmon

ParentVUE & StudentVUE


We encourage you to access ParentVue to support your child's success at the middle school.

Accessing ParentVue regularly will help you monitor your child's grades & assignments, absences & tardies and referrals.

If you do not have login credentials or need help with ParentVue,

please contact Mrs. Corthals at 591-9043.


Please encourage your child to use StudentVue to monitor progress.

It is important for your child to know their grades and

to know if they have any missing assignments.

When students are monitoring their own progress,

they are able to make adjustments when needed.

We recognize that you play a huge role in your child's success as a student at Bentley Middle School and want you to know we appreciate your support.

Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your child's progress and/or with any concerns you may have. My direct line is 591-9046 and my email is cbrockmo@bentleyschools.org

Important dates to note for February

8th grade Holocaust Museum Field trip

Tuesday, February 4th

NWEA Math Assessment

Wednesday, February 5th

Valentine's Day Dance

Thursday, February 13th


NO SCHOOL - Mid Winter Break

Friday, February 14th

Monday, February 17th

Kiwanis's Hot Fudge Run

February 15th

8:30 a.m. Bentley Middle School

Recognition Assemblies

Tuesday, February 18th

8th Grade - 7:45-8:45

7th Grade - 8:45-9:45

6th Grade - 9:45-10:45

Bentley Middle School Schedule

Breakfast is available at 7:20

First Hour 7:45 - 8:35

Second Hour 8:38 - 9:18

Third Hour 9:21-10:01

Fourth Hour 10:04-10:44

Fifth Hour 10:47-11:27 OR 11:17-11:57

Sixth Hour 12:00-12:40

Seventh Hour 12:43 - 1:23

Eighth Hour 1:26-2:06

Ninth Hour 2:09-2:50

A Lunch - 6th Grade 10:44-11:14

B Lunch - 7th & 8th Grades 11:27-11:57

Your child has 7 classes

Math and ELA are 80 minutes each and scheduled

for 2 of the hours

Science and Social Studies are 40 minute each

PE or a 180 class, are 40 minutes each

Life Skills is a 40 minute class

An Enrichment class; 40 minutes

Computer Science (7th & 8th grades) 40 minutes

Staff at Bentley Middle School

Mrs. Brockmon - Principal

Mrs. Corthals - Secretary

Mrs. Metiva - Library

Mr. Hamlin - Student Support Professional

Mrs. Conroy - Guest Teacher

Ms. Mona - Custodian

Mr. Sal - Custodian

Mrs. Kingsley - Food Service

Ms. Fieldler - Food Service

Mrs. Woodliff - Food Service

Teachers at Bentley Middle School

Mr. Ash - Math 6 & 8

Mrs. Ash - Spanish 8

Mrs. Bush - Computers 6; Life Skills 6, 7 & 8

Mrs. Capps - Special Education 6, 7, 8

Mrs. Frey - ELA 7; Read 180-6; Math 180-6, 7 & 8 -

Mrs. Froehle - Communications 7; Special Education Resource

- Science 6, 7 & 8; Computer Science 7 & 8

Mrs. Kelbel - Algebra 8

Ms. Medlin - ELA 6, 7 & 8

Mrs. Michaels - Math 7; PE 6, 7 & 8

Mrs. Mohrman - Art 8

Mr. Schultz - Health 7

Mr. Tear - Band 6, 7 & 8

Ms. Zell - Social Studies 6, 7, 8; Read 180 7 & 8

Middle School Student Teams

Student Council - Ms. Zell

Book Bowl - Ms. Zell

Spelling Bee - Mrs. Frey

Promoting Positive School Climate Student Team - Ms. Medlin

Blueberry Ambassadors - Ms. Zell

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