World WarII

By: Austin Boots

A woman sent to be gassed at Auschwitz.

The only photographic documentation of the entire extermination process at Auschwitz. An SS has just sent the woman with the infant to join those being sent to the crematoria; her hair is covered in the tradition of the Orthodox Jewish wife. A man is standing between the columns missing his pants and one shoe; this was a common occurrence in the overcrowded boxcars. On the left stand inmates in striped camp clothing. The main gate to Birkenau camp under which the trains pass is at the rear left of the photograph.
Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Sara Weinstein

Holocaust tatoo

A tattoo in the Holocaust of numbers on the arms were only received at Auschwitz and was for an identifying system.


A section of a city which Jews were ordered to live during WWII.

Concentration camps

A guarded detention for the Jews during WWII.


discrimination against Jews.

The Holocaust

A mass slaughter or destruction of life.
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These were the uniforms that the Jews wore during the Holocaust.
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Star of David that the Jews wore during the Holocaust

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ID Tag

This is an ID Tag that the Jews had to wear during the Holocaust.