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May 16, 2016

Packing the Technology for Summer

The end of the school year is just days away. Take a minute to read through the 2015-16 End Of Year Tech Prep Slides presentation to ensure that your technology devices and data will be safe and secure.

Here is another article for easy classroom cleaning and packing tips. These ideas will help you get organized and protect your supplies.

A New Feature for Google Classroom - Schedule that Assignment!

The folks at Google Classroom do listen to your requests. Teachers can now schedule Google Classroom assignments, announcements, and polls to appear at a later time. Check out Alice Keeler's post below for step-by-step instructions.

Tech Tip of the Week

Recover a Closed Tab

Are you certain that students are NOT on task in class, but every time you get near their screen, they close the tab of whatever site they're fooling around on? Lean over, press these three keys...and PRESTO! Magically restore whatever they were looking at! They will think you are an evil genius!


  1. All at once, press CTRL-SHIFT-T
  2. Boom, tab restored!
  3. Each time you do it, another previous tab is restored!
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Summer is a great time to discover Twitter. Twitter is a great source of professional development and collaboration to add to your personal learning network. Most educators understand how useful a Google search can be to find resources online but how would you like to conduct a search online along with personal recommendations from your colleagues and friends? Twitter could be considered a social search engine. Sometimes it is easier to search for information on Twitter rather than Google. Not only do you find some good resources but you can see who among your friends and colleagues are using that same resource and how. Some users of Twitter even have regular Twitter chats on various topics. What a great tool for professional learning.

Here is a great list of Education Chats you can join. Create an account today!

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Why Twitter for Educators ?!