Principal's Message November 1-5

What a Week!

A week full of school spirit! We certainly Rocked the Red on Monday and the spirit stayed high all the way through Character Book Day. We had a costume contest at Peabody among the staff and we're proud to announce the winners are:

  • Best Group: Specials Team "-Licious Series" (not pictured)
  • 1st Place Individual: Ms. Z. Williams- Little Bo Peep
  • 2nd Place Individual: Ms. Nelson- Miss Frizzle
  • Most Creative: Ms. Smith- Rainbow Fish

We also completed an important task this week connected to student achievement. All teachers set student achievement goals around growth or proficiency metrics aligned to our Comprehensive School Plan. I will talk more about this at next week's LSAT meeting, but the key part of this process is that teachers set goals that line up with school leaders' goals which are aligned to the goals of our Comprehensive School Plan and all of our goals are directed at our student groups that have experienced historic opportunity gaps, Black students and students with disabilities. The bottom line is we're all working together with a focus on closing gaps and raising achievement overall. Again, more at LSAT next week.

Both Schools

Key Dates

  • Oct 29 - Nov 9 - Watkins Book Fair
  • Nov 2 - Election Day No School for students
  • Nov 3 - 7pm LSAT
  • Nov 5 - No school for students; end of Term 1.
  • Nov 8 - Term 2 Begins. New specials classes for Watkins students.
  • Nov 11- Veteran's Day. No school for staff or students.
  • Nov 24-26 Thanksgiving Holiday!

  • Every Thursday: Asymptomatic COVID testing for students.

Community-Wide Equity Audit Launch RECAP

Thank you to the 20+ staff and community members that joined Thursday night. It was great to share in the work to deepen our sense of community and advance equity at our schools.

We want more voices! We will have another meeting in November based off the preferences of our group members - which can still include you. Please complete this form if you are interested.

What is the work? We are gathering to build community and ask ourselves how our schools can be more equitable? What can we do to increase access to challenging work? Ensure all students and all families feel like they belong? We'll have some whole-group time to build community and smaller group time to explore our data in order to develop recommendations for change.

Reading at Home Expectations

Student become better readers by reading! All students PK-5 should be reading daily - this includes being read to by a caregiver or sibling. Peabody staff encourages students to read independently or with someone for at least 15 minutes a day.

At Watkins, we increase the expectation with age:

Grade 1 – 15 minutes daily

Grade 2 – 20 minutes daily

Grades 3-5 – 30+ minutes daily

Caregivers - please partner with your children to support them and enjoy some reading time yourself!


Watkins Fall Scholastic Book Fair

  • Date: October 29- November 9 (there will no book fair on days that school is closed)
  • Time: 7:30am- 8:45am (parents will be allowed to come into the building and shop with their students)
  • Students will have access to the Fair during one Specials class.
  • Location: Library
  • Payment Options: cash, credit and debit
  • Book Fair Volunteers: sign-up link is in the flyer

Book Fair Flyer Link

Term 2 Specials Rotate!

New specials will start Day 1 of Term 2: November 8th. See below for your child's homeroom teacher and their new special class for Term 2.

Library - Amuzie, Sheppard, Moxley, Sullivan, Evans

Spanish - Davis, Josephs, Nover, Phoenix, Lamont

Art - Stewart, Coleman, O'Neil, Elmusa, Hoover

Music - Mooney, McPhail, Parler, Dickinson, Hightower

Library Access - 8:10 - 8:45

The library will be open for students who do not currently have Library as a special, so they will be able to checkout books on a weekly basis. The library days are specific to each grade level.

Grade 1 - Monday (8:10 - 8:45am)

Grade 2 - Tuesday (8:10 - 8:45am)

Grade 3 - Wednesday (8:10 - 8:45am)

Grade 4 - Thursday (8:10 - 8:45am)

Grade 5 - Friday (8:10 - 8:45am)

Once students arrive at school, they will proceed to the gym and request a library pass from an on-duty staff member. Once they have a pass, they can go to the library to select their book. We will maintain social distancing in the library; 25 students at a time will be permitted.

Any questions, please reach out to Ms. Jurkowski (

Watkins Library Clubs

We will be starting Library Clubs on November 10! These clubs will be from 7:30am - 8:10am. Please use the link to see the club offerings and to sign-up!

Library Club Flyer

Watkins Culture Blueprint and Schoolwide Behavior Expectations

Our Watkins Culture Blueprint 2.0 reviews the school-wide behavior expectations, which also includes a Response to Behavior Flowchart. Behavior Referral Forms were placed in staff mailboxes. We will have extra copies available in the main office, if you never received any or need more.

Principal Berkowitz and AP Boisvert will host an optional Watkins Culture Blueprint session on Friday, November 5 at 2:00pm. The meeting will be held on the Watkins Teams Channel.


No new updates this week.