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By:Kenny McMillan

Thanksgiving Dinner

Have you ever heard of a game called wack-a-mole? Well this game is kind of like that it is called THANKSGIVING DINNER. You wack-a-turkey instead of wack-a-mole. This game is for children, parents, anybody that is able to move their fingers or just wants to smash a turkey! Scan the QR code to play.

Enjoy smashing turkeys

Check it out!

Wandering Willy

Do you like Koala Bears? Well how many apps kind you find that have Koala Bears in them? Well how about one more! This game is called Wandering Willy. This game is about a koala named Willy who wanders around up and down a tree eating leaves. Hence the name Wandering Willy. Tilt the screen left, right, up, down to move the koala before the energy runs out if you go to slow then you run out of energy. If you run out of energy then your game is over. This game is for anyone that can tilt a phone without dropping it. Scan the QR code to try and keep your koala alive.