Southview Public School

February 1st-February 5th

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The Power of Teaching

The three articles below are related to power. More importantly, the power there is in teaching, in the choices we make related to our teaching, and empowering students in their learning by switching the focus from teacher-directed learning to student-directed inquiry learning. When we get so used to doing similar things daily, we may underestimate the true power we hold in influencing young minds. That is a true super hero!

Upcoming Events

Monday, February 8th-Bookfair starts (runs for the week), Basketball games after school (boys), Friends for Life Program with Scott Nichol (Gr. 4- 9:30-10:15, Gr. 6 10:20-11:05)

Tuesday, February 9th- First Aid @TPCS, Hendry & Dunleavy to Symphony (am)

Wednesday, February 10th-Basketball games @ TPCS (girls)

Thursday, February 11th- Music Trip

Friday, February 12th- Hot Dog Day, Mary Lambert Concert (K-Grade 5) in the gym

Monday, February 15th- Family Day! :)

Tuesday, February 16th- First Aid @TPCS, Teacher Candidates (second round-4 weeks), Reports Due to Office, Friends for Life Program with Scott Nichol (Gr. 4- 9:30-10:15, Gr. 6 10:20-11:05)

Thursday, February 18th-Grade 8 Parent Night @ NDSS (6:30)

Friday, February 19th- Pizza Day, Milk Shakes Day

Monday, February 22nd- Basketball games after school (boys @ SView, girls @ Bath), Friends for Life Program with Scott Nichol (Gr. 4- 9:30-10:15, Gr. 6 10:20-11:05)

Tuesday, February 23rd- Grade 8 Grad Portraits

Wednesday, February 24th- Sibling Portraits, EQAO touch-base with Mark Ryan

Thursday, February 25th- Little Caesar's Pick Up (4-6pm Kindergarten Yard), SAC

Friday, February 26th- Winter Play Day, Swiss Chalet Day

Monday, February 29th- P.A. Day* (new P.A. Day added to school calendar)

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016- Reports Sent Home, Friends for Life Program (Gr. 4 Pizza Party)

Monday, March 7th, 2016- Friends for Life Program (Gr. 6 Pizza Party)

Creativity in a Thinking Classroom

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The remaining pictures, videos and articles are about CREATIVITY. The importance of creativity in a thinking classroom is clear where students have choice about how to present their learning, doing so in a creative way that best suits them.

"The ability to learn new things is more important than ever in a world where you have to process information at lightning speed. Students need to be able to think creatively, critically and collaboratively."

-Don Tapscott

This critical, collaborative and creative thinking was demonstrated recently by the Grade 8s. Students were working on a math problem where they had to solve various questions related to marshmallow fields and how marshmallows were harvested. The picture was posed of a farmer collecting round bales covered in white wrapping (marshmallows), and the questions were then asked of these "marshmallows". Very quick to understand the joke, some students carried on to find the diameter, circumference, etc., while others were left pondering why they had never known marshmallows grew in Canada in farmer's fields. Lots of great questions were then asked by students to understand the critical thinking involved in the question, before finding out the math involved in the question. We need our students to develop this deep level of questioning about the material they are learning. Whether they are asking questions of themselves and having them confirmed or questioned by peers is critical. As this math lesson showed, students need to work collaboratively and critically with each other, to help understand the math in a more realistic and reasonable manner.

Do you have another example of critical thinking in your classroom or a student example? Southview is full of these types of questions (and more important fully of students who are critical thinkers)! Feel free to post or share another student example for others to see! You could also share it with colleagues at your divisional meetings in the morning. :)

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Creativity requires TIME
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Learning Together, Embracing Differences

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Week Ahead

Monday, February 1st (Day 2)

  • Divisional Staff Meetings, 8:00 - 9:00 am
  • IPRCs (am)
  • Little Caesar's Orders Due
  • Basketball games after school (girls)
  • Literacy Week (DEAR @ 12:00, Peggy Collins visits K classes 1:30-3:00)
  • Friends for Life Program with Scott Nichol (Gr. 4- 9:30-10:15, Gr. 6 10:20-11:05)

  • Tuesday, February 2nd (Day 3)

    • Literacy Week (DEAR @ 10:10, Wallace Edwards visiting Gr. 1-4 9:30-10:15, Gr. 5-8 10:30-11:15 @ the gym)
    • Tammy Giles visiting (pm)
    • Peter (8:30 breakfast in the staffroom-bring in an item if you wish!)
    • Basketball @ TPCS (3:00-boys)

    Wednesday, February 3rd (Day 4)

    • Staff Zumba
    • Hallford/Dupuis Skating 1:00-3:00
    • Literacy Week (DEAR @ 3:00, Book exchange)
    • SAC Movie Night (6:00 The Lego Movie)

    Thursday, February 4th (Day 5)

    • Staff Yoga (Library 4:00-5:00)
    • P.A. Day
    • Stuart Shankar Conference (Belleville)

    Friday, February 5th (Day 1)

    • IPRCs (am)

    • DuChene, Milligan & Brown to L & A County Museum

    • Literacy Week (DEAR @ 2:15, PJ Day, Snuggle up in Reading Forts in Library)

    • OPP Kids-Grade 6s (10:00-11:15) & 7s (11:55-1:15) in the library

    • Pizza Day

    • Jenn away

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