This week in Tech Training

Wilson Room Seven 3:00- 4:30 ish


Hey gang,
Today we will be working on entering the quizzes for SMAD. I would like to show you how you can give these tests as a center in the back of your room, without having to ever corect them.
Also, Please bring your computers and your LA TE. I would like to start showing you how to integrate Language Arts routines into edmodo, to make your life easier, and to have your kids be further engaged at the same time. Fun Fun. Topics will include students doing quick writes, micro blogging, photo turn in and correcting students work online.


Wednesday will be lessons with iPads. I have been experimenting with i=annotate, and would like to experiment with this tool, and discuss how we can use this with our students for close reading.


Thursday will again be a drop in day for anyone who would like to learn something new, or would like help with anything that you have been trying and getting frustrated with. Come by for a little encouragement.