World Religions


Hinduism is a religion that originated in India. Hinduism has a countless amount of gods but each of these gods has a specific place in controlling the universe. Hindus usually practice meditation and focus on their social morals. One Hindu holiday is Diwali. It is a festival that celebrates light over dark and good over bad. Hinduism has made its way ti every continent.


Christianity is a religion that believes in one god that is maker and ruler over all things. Christians believe that Jesus, gods son, was sent to earth to die for our sins so that we can go to heaven.Christians also follow the bible that is filled with teachings and important scriptures. Christians celebrate Christmas and Easter. Going to church every Sunday and praying is practiced in the Christian faith.


Judism is one of the oldest religions known to man. It is a originally Hebrew religion. Judaism believes that there is only one god. Jews celebrate bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs when teens enter adulthood. Knew shave a Torah which is a set of religious laws that they follow. Other holidays include include Passover, Rosh Hashannah and Yo, Kippur and Hanukkah

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Buddhism was founded by Buddha in India. Buddhism practices meditation and becoming one with the earth. Buddhism does not believe in a god but believes that there is a higher power controlling the universe.

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A man named Muhammad created the Muslim religion. They follow the book Quran that was written 30 years after Muhammad's death. The Islamic religion believes that there is one true god. Allah and that he judged good and evil when you die. Their holidays consist of Ramadan and hajj and many others. Muslims practice the five pillars of Islam

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