A Deutsch Thanksgiving Feast!

Eat with us at our BIG German Thanksgiving dinner!

A dinner with us...

A dinner with us includes eating some of our family's secret Thanksgiving recipes, stuffing and German pasta. While eating with the family, we watch NFL football and catch up with the family. We love to spend time with our family, we love to stay very close and celebrate the holidays together. We are a very big German Decent familie and welcome anybody and everybody to come!


We love eating Thanksgiving food, you cant miss out on our menu! Every year we have big choices. We will have at the dinner table...


*Sweet Potatoes

*Cranberry Sauce

*Mashed Potatoes

*German Pasta salad

*German Stuffing

*German chocolate pie



*Green Olives



*Sweet and Tangy green beans

*Buttered corn



*German Apple strudels

*German Chocolate supreme pie

*Kulter hund


*Pumpkin Pie Martinis

*Cider Sangria's

*Soft drinks

*Warm cider and Rum punch

*Cranberry and orange sparkler