LaUrEn AcrEE

all about me

ALL AboUt Me

Some of my favorite things to do favorite color, food everything is here. First off I really like going to Royals games with my dad and I also really like fishing. My favorite foods are mac and cheese and baked potatoes. I love purple it is my all time favorite color. I also dance A LOT but, I really like it. I also like to play outside a lot.

mY FaMilY

I have 6 people in my family. One brother,one sister, my Mom, Dad and our bunny and me. Our bunny's name is Mr.Bubbles. Me and my sister both dance and my brother plays football and baseball so it can get pretty busy at my house.

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Two of my goals this year are to read a whole chapter book by myself. Also complete my time test faster than normal. .Hopefully reading a whole chapter book this year will happen. Reading is not my favorite.

SomE oF mY FavOriTE PEoPle

Emerson - Mommy's Nose is Scary! (Original)

ALL ABout mE

That's my all about me plus the scared baby.