We've worked hard & had some fun...

read all about the things we've done! 1/20/15


After some time off of spelling lists, we are back on track! Our pattern this week is the long e sound spelled ee or ea. Our test will take place this Friday, and a new list will also come home on Friday.


This week in writing, we are wrapping up our second writing unit for this school year! We have been working on writing informational booklets that include a Table of Contents and multiple chapters. Students will complete the end of unit assessment this Thursday and Friday. Unlike first quarter, students will now have one 45 minute session to plan and write. They will then be given another 45 minute session dedicated just to revising and editing their work!


We are continuing our reading unit of comparing different versions of the same story. This week we will begin reading a couple of different versions of The Gingerbread Man. After each story, we will fill in a story comparison chart that will be used later when actually writing the comparison.


We completed our Unit 2 math test last week. This week, students are participating in a guided math setting that allows for reteaching of challenging concepts or extension for those students who showed a clear understanding of the unit concepts. Like guided reading, when students are not working with me, they are working on a math task either on the SMART board, at their seat, with a partner, or working on basic math fact practice.

Things to Remember or Make Note of...

-As your child reads at home, he/she should be filling in the January Book It! calendar for each 20 minutes read!

-Check & empty your child's blue folder daily! Please remember to sign your child's weekly log at the end of each week!

-Be on the look out for a conference preference sheet that will be coming home! Fill it out ASAP so I know which conference day you prefer. These sheets will be due back on or before this Friday!

-Please take a moment to label your child's warm weather gear (snow pants, boots, mittens/gloves, hats). Some children have similar items & if they are labeled we will be able to find the correct owner!